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Welcome to Knoll Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., where innovation meets healthcare through our three distinct divisions: Fruiton, Indigen, and Corsica.

Explore the wholesome world of Fruiton, where we harness the power of nature to promote health and well-being. Our Fruiton division focuses on providing natural and nutritionally rich products. From dietary supplements to health drinks, Fruiton is your partner in embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes nutrition and vitality.


Discover the goodness of nature with Fruiton, where we believe that the key to a healthier life. Experience the taste of wellness as we bring you innovative products designed to nourish your body from the inside out.

Indigen represents the fusion of modern science. With a commitment to preserving and promoting indigenous healthcare practices, Indigen offers a diverse range of pharmaceuticals that draw inspiration from time-tested remedies. Our formulations combine the best cutting-edge technology, ensuring effective and reliable healthcare solutions.


Embrace the rich heritage of healthcare with Indigen, where we honor the medicine while embracing advancements that enhance the efficacy of our products. Trust in Indigen to deliver healthcare solutions that stand the test of time.

Corsica, our forward-looking division, is at the forefront of advancing healthcare excellence. Committed to innovation and quality, Corsica focuses on the development and production of generic pharmaceuticals that meet the highest global standards. Our goal is to make essential medications more accessible and affordable, contributing to improved healthcare outcomes on a global scale.


Experience the future of healthcare with Corsica, where innovation, affordability, and quality converge. We take pride in our role as a key player in the generic pharmaceutical industry, making a positive impact on healthcare systems and individuals worldwide.

Our Appreciation is Our Quality…

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