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Strength training and rest are both of crucial importance for women’s health and wellness after a mastectomy or breast surgery. Your body is recovering from a serious procedure that requires time and patience. The right strength training program will help you recover more quickly. Knoll Healthcare’s guide on Women’s Wellness Series about Strength Training After Breast Surgery will certainly help you recover back to being healthy.

2023 women wellness & fitness trends

Strength Training exercises after breast surgery for Women’s Wellness

The day after you get your green light to strength train, you’ll want to aim for twice a week. Strength exercises help stretch the chest muscles more than just stretching, but also focus on strengthening the back muscles and areas where many people experience soreness.


It is crucial to do strength training during breast surgery recovery for women’s wellness or improve their health after the operation. Make sure to only do exercises that feel comfortable and consider working with a physical therapist for post-surgery rehab if you need additional help. They can help you with how to do the exercises, make sure that you are doing the moves correctly, and design a long workout routine that will be in line with your recovery plan. In due time, as your health improves and your strength returns back to normal, you won’t be far away from full recovery.

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