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5 best homeopathic medicine for kidney stones

5 best homeopathic medicine for kidney stones

Numerous reasons lead to kidney failure such as High blood pressure, diabetes, genetics and kidney stones, etc. In the absence of treatment, kidney problems can lead to chronic kidney failure or renal failure. Treatments for kidney failure include medications, kidney dialysis, and kidney transplants. However, these methods offer no cure, but only pace down the delay of complete kidney failure. You should consider using Homeopathic remedies to promote the body’s immune system and treat damaged kidneys for people suffering from kidney stones use of homeopathy in the treatment is an effective and safe alternative to surgical treatment.


The choice of medicine to use is highly dependent on the particular symptoms you are facing, Besides causing sharp pain for the affected person, kidney stones also inhibit the kidney’s ability to perform its functions normally and can cause a lot of discomforts. The body produces kidney stones as a result of trying to neutralize the effects of accumulated toxins. Drinking a lot of water, and eating fresh vegetables and juice can help in preventing the formation of these stones. There are also many natural products both homeopathic and ayurvedic available in the market which help in effectively dissolving kidney stones. So before going ahead with surgery it is worth trying them out.

Few best homeopathic medicine for kidney stones are -:


It works best for stones that cause pain in the right kidney. If the pain develops suddenly and the conditions intensify with any kind of sudden movements then this is the right medicine for you. Often the person requiring this type of medicine also has a high fever.

Berberis vulgaris

Great support for kidneys, whatever the condition may be, and you can safely take it, as long as your symptoms agree and you follow the normal homeopathic protocol.

Lycopodium 30

It is useful in dissolving kidney stones in your urine.

Cantharis 30

If you are suffering from a burning sensation while urinating due to a kidney stone, Cantharis 30 can help you get relief.

Hydrangea Arborescens Q

It treats the enlarged prostate and increases your urination frequency to remove kidney stones.

So if you are suffering from the pain of kidney stones these homeopathic medicines can help you ease your pain and remove the kidney stones from your body without surgery.

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